People Make the Party

Party. What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.

Let me just say: what a relief this prompt is! I was really worried I was going to have to be all serious and mushy-gushy for the rest of the month. And not only that, this is a topic I love. J

In my opinion, people make the party so the rest of it? Doesn’t matter so much.

The first awesome party of the year was really only halfway in this year. (Wow. That sentence doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Oh well, it’s staying.) Chels hosted a fantastic New Year’s party that a lot of people came into town for – we even had one guest from California!

And then there was the entire summer. The pool setup at our apartment complex is pretty awesome so we had people over for barbecues and swimming almost every weekend during the summer. Oh man, is there anything better than burgers on the grill, the radio cranked up, beer in the cooler and a blue floatie with two cup holders?

All the Area O meetups. For those who don’t know, I belong to a group here that’s based on our common love of Sci-Fi. These are the people who always get my Firefly references and don’t look at me weird when I make Star Trek jokes. ❤ Them!

I could go on, but… well, everyone knows my roommates and I host awesome parties. I can plan an event like nobody’s business and the weird thing is I love planning them as much as I love going to them!

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One thought on “People Make the Party

  1. There's something wonderful about putting yourself in the hands of someone who really knows how to throw a party. Every time I've ever thrown a really great one, it's been a complete accident. Bet your invitations are coveted!


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