Keeping Her Secret

All’s fair in love and summertime prank wars

The last person Riya Johnson expected to run into at her new summer camp is Courtney Chastain—her childhood best friend and the girl who broke her heart after a secret, mind-blowing, life-altering kiss. She definitely didn’t expect to be sharing a bunk bed with her for four long weeks.

Courtney has what every girl wants—she’s beautiful, rich, and the object of every boy’s desire at Camp Pine Ridge. Too bad none of them make her feel an iota of what Riya’s kiss did all those years ago. But Courtney needs to uphold appearances at all costs—even if it means instigating an all-out prank war with Riya as her main target.

Neither girl can stop thinking about the other…but that doesn’t mean they can give up past hurts and take a chance on a future together.

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★★★★★”A step forward for the LGBT community, Keeping Her Secret is a strong tale of friendship, courage and love. The book was moving and honest at all times.” Childishly Passionate

★★★★★”The romance was phenomenal! That lake scene left me feeling all tingly. And, of course, that final performance… awww, couple-goals! I really, really enjoyed reading this book and, honestly, this is the first F/F book that I loved.” Bookish Fever

★★★★★”I felt that this book just worked. There is no other way to describe it, there was angst but it made sense with the ages of the characters and I didn’t feel that it made them seem immature because they are 16 and 17 so any more maturity would have been unbelievable. I enjoyed this authors writing and sat up all night reading until I had finished.” –CJ13, Goodreads Reviewer

★★★★★”Keeping Her Secret is a sweet summer story that will set your soul on fire and make you feel brave and invincible afterwards, because that’s what these characters are. They are girls loving girls, brave and unstoppable, and no one can get in the way of what they want.” –Olivia Channel

★★★★★”Keeping Her Secret is one of those magical books that keeps you turning pages long after you should have gone to bed. I recommend the book completely, and if I were a teacher I would place it on my required summer reading list.” –Bonajean McAneney, Goodreads Reviewer

★★★★★”I really loved this book. It was such an honest look at young women learning to accept their sexuality and being comfortable enough to express it.” –Bette Hansen, Goodreads Reviewer

“A great summer vibe, a cute f/f romance, and some really great friendships and supporting characters… Overall, a highly compelling and engaging read. A cute f/f relationships that has a happy ending. . Highly recommend. This one should definitely be on your TBR.” YA Bookers

“Highly recommend for those looking for a swoony F/F YA romance.” –Shelly, Read Sleep Repeat

“It does take a bit of a fairy-tale turn by the end of it, but you know what? That’s okay because I think we all need a bit of fairy tale in our lives. This is a quick and fun read that I do indeed recommend.” –By Hook or By Book

“It shares many themes with other similar books: first loves, discovering who you are, facing your fears, coming out, but it deals with them in a believable and engaging way. I liked all of the characters, and something I don’t feel often, I think their behavior was believable for their age.” –Rain, Goodreads Reviewer

“I devoured this book in pretty much less than a day, due to it being pretty fast-paced and fairly short as well. When I was younger, I really liked contemporary romances set in places like summer camps, and I truly believe that 17-year-old Emily would’ve loved this book.” –Emily, Paperback Thrills

“This was a super fun and cute story about childhood best friends who got seperated due to an incident at the age of thirteen.” –Daisy Diep, Goodreads Reviewer

“This book was a really good story about a girl finally finding herself and best friends falling in love.” –Chrsitina Somerville, Goodreads Reviewer

“It was a great story for teens who struggle with being true with their selves!” –Amber Carroll, Lover of Books


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