QQQ: SFF Author Erin Fulmer and Everything Happening All at Once

Queries, Qualms, & Quirks asks published authors to share their successful query letter and discuss their journey from first spark to day of publication.

SFF Author Erin Fulmer joins Queries, Qualms, & Quirks this week to discuss the importance of community, realizing writing is not such a solitary pursuit, doing things out of order, marketing as a small press author, worrying about choosing the wrong path, and the pros and cons of going with a small press.

Erin Fulmer is an attorney by day, author of science fiction and fantasy by night. A 2020 Pitch Wars alumna, she lives in Northern California with her husband and cats. CAMBION’S BLOOD, the second book in her urban fantasy series and sequel to her debut CAMBION’S LAW, is out now.

Erin: Query | Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Amazon | Bookshop | IndieBound 

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