It’s Pitchwars Time

It is finally time for the Pitchwars!!

If you don’t know what Pitchwars is, you should probably go to Brenda Drake’s blog.

Might I brag on my mentees a little bit? On top of being super talented authors, they took my critiques extremely well and were totally patient with my limited availability! Keep an eye on these ladies because they’re going to be rockstars!

Mentee: Amanda Klase

Amanda is the author of Amped, a kickass YA Weird Western. Read the pitch and first page here. Then follow her on Twitter so you can continue to bask in her awesomeness.

Alternate: Jennifer Blackwood

Jen has written something I’ve been dying to see: a med-school-centered NA Romance. Read the pitch and first page of Coming Alive here. Then go to Twitter and tell her how much you loved it.

Alternate: Amy Bearce

The first five pages of Amy’s Fairy Keeper made me ache with jealousy. If only I could write like that… Go here to read her pitch and first page so you can share in my wallowing. šŸ˜‰ Then follow her on twitter so you can watch her meteoric rise to stardom.

If you’re interested, follow the competition today on Twitter. Good luck to all contestants – may the best man[uscript] win!

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