This is war!

We’ve had a prank war going on in my house over the past week or two. It’s still going on, but I thought I’d post the videos of the prank to date.

It all started when my sister did this to me. Notice the guy laughing so hard he can’t stand up? That’s my caring boyfriend. (Sorry I can’t embed them for whatever reason… but they’re SO WORTH the click-through)

Shower Prank

On the same day, my boyfriend dared my sis’s fiance to do this:

Peppermint Extract

Then I tried to get her back but my accomplice and I were way too loud and K’s not nearly as heavy a sleeper as I am. It’s still a funny video.

Prank FAIL

FYI: If you’re able to seal the door up, it creates a vacuum when they open the door and everything flies into the room. At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work.

My sister retaliated for my failed prank….


Then I finally got her back.

Sweet, sweet revenge

Since today is April Fool’s Day, I’m a little worried about what might happen in the morning.

Also, there will be another non-prank (but awesome!) related video up soon, so keep an eye out on my sister’s youtube channel for it.

Here’s a hint:


PS: You might have noticed it’s a new month. Which means a new Month. It’s going to be Sketch Month! I’ll try to sketch something every day – this should be interesting! I can’t really draw anything but stick figures.

Meditation Month went really well. It’s something I think I’ll continue on a semi-regular basis. I definitely felt more centered and my mind felt clearer. I’d recommend it!

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