Twenty Minutes Can Change You

I thoroughly enjoyed TED month and I’ll (again) encourage you to check TED out if you haven’t already.

I’ve watched some good videos, some not so good videos – and then there are the other ones. The ones that claw deep into your gut and perform a hostile transformation. You see the description and you think, “Yeah, OK. That could maybe be interesting.” Next thing you know, you’re fighting back the sting of tears and your heart is aching with a physicality that shouldn’t be possible. The words of the speaker pierce the soul you weren’t entirely sure you had.

There’s a good chance you think I’m being over-dramatic. How could a fifteen to twenty minute video on the internet possibly have that kind of effect in a world where nothing is off limits to the television programmers? But I dare you to watch Zainab Salbi talk about the women on the “backlines” of war, and tell me you’re the same person you were before you started the video. (I’m entirely serious about this one. If you only watch ONE of these videos, make this the one.)

And if you’re heart isn’t broken enough, take a look at the images of the nearly-decimated Lakota tribe captured by Aaron Huey in his presentation: America’s Native Prisoners of War. For a different kind of experience, watch some of the most amazing African wildlife footage taken by Beverly and Dereck Joubert, who have lived fascinating lives. (And during the elephant scene: Trust me, it’s worth it to watch it through to the end.)

I’ve been watching these videos all month. I’ve blogged about some and tweeted about some, but I wanted to put them all in one place – both because I want to share them with you and because I want to be able to have them in one easily accessible location for myself. 🙂

♥ = my favorites

Let me know if you watch/watched any of these and what you think!

One thought on “Twenty Minutes Can Change You

  1. You've been busy. I've always believed that if women ran the world, there'd be no wars. I wonder if she gave this talk to terrorists, if they'd listen. I don't know the answer to ending war. I'm just thankful women…keep life going.


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