I only get FIVE minutes?

5 minutes. Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010.

We all know 2010 wasn’t my best year ever, but that doesn’t mean I want to forget all of it. *sets the timer for five minutes* *pauses TV* Here goes…

  • your heart pounding as you press send on that first e-query for THE DEMONS YOU KNOW
  • Jasper trying to cuddle with you on the love seat when your back is so messed up you can’t even go to the bathroom
  • Chelsea singing “Think of Me” over and over again because she knows it makes you smile
  • Looking through Jarrod’s sketchbook at writer’s group meetings
  • Getting that first full request … even though it didn’t turn out so great
  • Feeling so loved and welcomed by the lovely ladies at the RWA conference. Except for that one chick… but whatevs.
  • Getting to hang out (Lunch, dinner, she even saved you a seat at a session!) with one of your favorite writers at RWA.
  • Being able to pick up with Erin T like you hadn’t just spent years apart.
  • The Foundation giving a record number of Scholarships thanks to your fundraising efforts. And making the heartbreaking decision to step down from your position because you knew it was best for everyone.
  • Phi Rho Parents and Alumni weekend where that girl went totally fan girl on you. “You’re Sarah, the founder!”
  • Dressing up as Dorothy for work, making all the OZ props out of $4 worth of construction paper
  • Getting a text message from Alli with a pic of her and Steph’s babies
  • Playing “you know what today is?” with (coworker) Melissa every day
  • Dragon*Con!!
  • Year of Months
  • Being retweeted by Maureen Johnson and Laurie Halse Anderson!
  • Dan, Chelsea, James, Stephanie, John-Michael, Matt W, Matt B, Phi Rho NC and Foundation, Melody, Scott, Jen, Melissa, Bridget, Bradley, Adam, Erin, Colleen, Brittany, Paool, Josie, K, Chris, Todd, Lisa, Amy, Beth, Alina, Jan, Cookie, Joe, Charlie, Janet, Dyer, Mike, Matt H, RKJ, and OH GOD I’M OUT OF TIME SO PLEASE DON’T HATE ME IF YOU’RE NOT HERE BECAUSE YOU SHOULD BE!!!

Hm, yeah. It’s a good thing I type fast!

This post is party of my #reverb10. Visit their website to learn more.

6 thoughts on “I only get FIVE minutes?

  1. “Except for that one chick…” LOL, even in precious little time it was important to note this. Well I hope that one chick feels bad about it, or at least gets some phantom heartburn or something. Dear 2011 Sarah, Miranda's Fire is now called The Demons You Know, you'd probably have figured that out quickly.Used youtube to listen to Think Of Me as I read.


  2. Hi,I just found your blog through reverb, and I love it. I've been studying YA fiction this semester, so it's always great to find other people who are passionate about it!I really like your list : )


  3. Wow, Sarah, what an amazing year. And I haven't been to many RWA functions, but at all the ones I've been to, there's always that one chick. Gawd. Why doesn't she just stay home?


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