Moment. Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors).

I must be feeling ornery or something the past few days because I keep wanting to defy the prompt.  Every time I tried to whittle it down to a single moment, hundreds of memories flash through my mind.

I may be picking at semantics here, but I don’t think there are times when I feel “more alive” than others, but there are certainly times when I feel “less alive.” Because, for me, “alive” – and I mean really being and feeling alive – is my natural state. Maybe this isn’t so for others? I don’t know.

So, blog rebel that I am, I give you some moments:

  • That moment in a conversation with a good friend when I realize five hours has passed even though I could swear he/she only arrived fifteen minutes ago.
  • That moment just after I wake up when my dog is cuddled up next to me and I can feel his warmth and breathe in that puppy smell while lying in that quality of light that only occurs as the sun is crossing the horizon.
  • That moment when I realize I’m dancing for joy with people ebbing all around me and I don’t care what they think because it really doesn’t matter.
  • That moment when I just know I’m where I should be and working toward my true heart’s desire.
  • That moment when my friend and I make the same exact joke at the same exact time and laugh at each other and time seems to slow down so that we can laugh a little bit longer.

What about you? What makes you feel alive?

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4 thoughts on “Moment(s)

  1. I LOVE that moment when you look at the clock and you stop what you are saying to your fantastic friend to exclaim, “It can NOT be 5pm! We were just having lunch!” And then you realize you have 4 voicemails from people trying to figure out where you've been when you had XYZ thing to do. Ooops.


  2. I love the moments when you wake up before the alarm and it 5:34 and you close your eyes for what feels like to billion years and when you open them, the time is 5:35.AWESOME!Speaking of awesome you won a contest over on my blog. YAY you!


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