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PubTalk Live is a publishing talk show, broadcasting live to YouTube every 2nd and 4th Saturday at 9pm Eastern. Host Sarah Nicolas is joined in each episode by a Guest Co-Host and at least one Special Guest. They talk about all aspects of the book publishing industry, including its intersections with other media and libraries.

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Upcoming Episodes

Past Episodes:

  • 10/12/19 with Guest Co-Host Brenda Drake and Special Guest Tere Michaels
  • 10/26/19 with Guest Co-Host Kellye Garrett and Special Guest Amanda Nelson
  • 11/9/19 with Guest Co-Host Erica Cameron and Special Guest Dahlia Adler
  • 11/23/19 with Guest Co-Host Kelly Peterson and Special Guest Michael Moreci
  • 12/14/19 with Guest Co-Host Diana Pho and Special Guest Eric Smith
  • 12/28/19 with Guest Co-Host Heidi Heilig and Special Guest Dhonielle Clayton
  • 1/11/20 with Guest Co-Host Fran Wilde and Special Guest Rachel Hartman
  • 1/18/20 special extra episode: Writers & Taxes, a live Q&A with author and tax pro Mindy Mejia
  • 1/25/20 with Guest Co-Host S. Jae-Jones and Special Guest Patrice Caldwell
  • 2/8/20 with Guest Co-Host Erica Wright and Special Guest Alex Segura

Be a Guest

If you would like to be a Guest Co-Host or a Special Guest, please email me a bit about yourself, indicating which type of guest you would like to be. In addition, a video of you speaking in any capacity would be great.

Technical requirements: In order to participate, you need a webcam of any quality, a mic of some kind (built-in to your computer is okay), and headphones (to reduce feedback issues). Most smartphones will also work, but I would like to test it with you before scheduling you.